The map tile resource allows the user to request a map image that is based on individual tiles. It requires a license for Mapping. The parameters are:

Single Map Request


URL Parameters

Height and Width must be both positive integers with a maximum value of 2048.

Required parameters are highlighted in yellow.



Data Element Description Value/Example Note
Dataset For users licensed for multiple regional datasets this allows you to target data from different regions or access the WorldWide data. Current (default), PCM_EU, PCM_OC, PCM_SA, PCM_AF, PCM_AS, PCM_ME, PCM_GT, PCM_WW and PCM_NA.
Region A string representing the region for which the map region is in. NA (North America) is default. NA(Default), AF(Africa), AS(Asia), EU(Europe), OC(Oceania), SA(South America), ME(Middle East) This is an optional parameter and we recommend using the dataset parameter instead. If you are a world wide customer and you do not supply a dataset, the region will determine whether you go to the current NA dataset or WW dataset.
Style The style of map image Default, Classic, Monochrome, RoadAtlas, Darkness, Modern, Contemporary, Night, Satellite, Lightness, Smooth and Terrain
ImgSrc Optional background image provider. Currently only supports Satellite style and will be ignored for all others. ALKCurated
Sat1 is a Premium Satellite option that provides curated Satellite images and tiles to users. If no curated data is available, Default(DigitalGlobeAPIImagery) option will be used.
ALKCurated is a new Satellite option available to Standard users. However, certain curated data is excluded and Default(DigitalGlobeAPIImagery) option will be used instead.
Values other than Default or ALKCurated will require a Premium addon for that style.