Reverse Geocoding

Reverse Geocoding on the locations resource allows you to retrieve the nearest address for given longitude and latitude coordinates.

The response from the reverse geocode method is an JSON format object that contains the longitude and latitude coordinates for the address if the address could be geocoded, as well as an array of error/warning messages.



URL Parameters

Required parameters are highlighted in yellow.



Reverse Geocode Response(Similar to Geocode Response table)

Data Element Description Data Type Value/Example
Address Encapsulates the details about the location Complex
Coords Encapsulates the details about the longitude/latitude Complex
Region Indicates the region of the location Enum 0 - Unknown
1 - AF
2 - AS
3 - EU
4 - NA(default)
5 - OC
6 - SA
7 - ME
Label The label to be displayed on maps and reports in association with a stop String
PlaceName The place name which corresponds to custom place. String
Errors Encapsulated the details about the errors associated with the geocode location List of Complex Objects
ConfidenceLevel The confidence level of the match. String Exact, Good, Uncertain, Failed
DistanceFromRoad The distance from coordinate to nearest road. Double
SpeedLimitInfo Encapsulated information related to posted speed limit. Complex
TimeZone Time zone where the geocoded result is situated within. String
SpeedLimitHeading Heading used for reverse geocoding to properly snap to the right link. Double


Data Element Description Data Type Value/Example
StreetAddress The house number and street name string One Independence Way
City The name of the city string Princeton
State The two letter state abbreviation string NJ
Zip The postal code or zip string 08540
County The county or jurisdiction. string Mercer
Country The name of the country string
SPLC The Standard Point Location code to use in place of street/city/state/zip String
CountryPostalFilter The postal code filter; use this to filter zip codes by country Enum 0 - US
1- Mexico
2 - Both
AbbreviationFormat The abbreviation format for the country code. This is not applicable for NA dataset. See Lookup table in Glossary. Enum 0 - FIPS
1 - ISO2
2 - ISO3
3 - GENC2
4 - GENC3
CountryAbbreviation Abbreviated country code corresponding to requested format. string 0 - FIPS (default)
1 - ISO2
2 - ISO3
3 - GENC2
4 - GENC3


Data Element Description Data Type Value/Example
Lat Latitude String
Lon Longitute String


Data Element Description Data Type Value/Example
Speed the posted Speed Limit of the road Integer
SpeedType Speed Limit Type Enum 0 (Default road speed based on road classification)
1 (Historic road data)
2 (Premium speed data)
3 (Navteq data outside of NA)
4 (LinkBased)
LinkIds Unique link identifiers when includeLinkInfo supplied true in request. Integer
RoadClass The class of the Road. String Closed, Interstate, InterstateNoRamps, Divided, Primary, Ferry, Secondary, Ramp, Local
Units The speed unit. String KPH, MPH


Data Element Description Data Type Value/Example
Type Indicates whether the error is an exception or warning Enum Warning
Code Error code Enum Please refer to Appendix for complete list
LegacyErrorCode The legacy error code with is an integer valued code that would have been returned in PCMiler Web Services v25 and earlier. int
Description The detailed error description. String