Point Intersection

The point intersection API will return all the geofences that the given array of points intersects with. You can additionally filter by Geofence Set Id, Geofence Set Name, Geofence Set Tag, and/or Geofence Name to check if your points intersect with a specific fence or set of fences. For each point supplied, the service will return an array of geofences that the point is inside.


POST https://pcmiler.alk.com/apis/rest/v1.0/Service.svc/Geofence/Intersection/Points

Request Element

The Point Intersection operation requires JSON format data in the POST body.

Element Definition Required
setIds An array of geofence set Ids to check the supplied points against. N
setNames An array of geofence set names to check the supplied points against. N
setTags An array of geofence set tags to check the supplied points against. N
intersectTime The time to use against the startTime and endTime windows of geofences and geofence sets when checking if the geofence is active. If not supplied, the current UTC time is used. The time should be formatted according to the ISO 8601 Standard (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ) N
points An array of latitude and longitudes. Y

Sample JSON Post Body

        [-74.653763, 40.386752],
        [-74.654184, 40.384804],
        [-74.65358, 40.382148],
        [-74.655096, 40.380683],
        [-74.656543, 40.378925],
        [-74.657097, 40.375468],
        [-74.659289, 40.372397],
        [-74.65942, 40.37082],
        [-74.657863, 40.368598],
        [-74.657378, 40.368399],
        [-74.655551, 40.367482]


    "results": [
          "fenceId": 23,
          "name": "ALK Office",
          "setId": 3
          "fenceId": 23,
          "name": "ALK Office",
          "setId": 3
          "fenceId": 3,
          "name": "Princeton",
          "setId": 2


Data Element Description Data Type Value/Example Note
Type Indicates whether the error is an exception or warning Enum Warning
Code Error code Enum Please refer to Appendix for complete list
LegacyErrorCode The legacy error code with is an integer valued code that would have been returned in PCMiler Web Services v25 and earlier. int
Description The detailed error description. String