Road Report

The Road Report provides the route information for a specific route.

Road Report Request


URL Parameters

Required parameters are highlighted in yellow.



Road Report Response

Data Element Description Data Type Value/Example
type Describes the type of report and what it does. String RoadReport
RouteID The route identification key(Can be null) int
ReportLines Indicates the stops, miles, interests and details on the road for a route. Complex
Data Element Description Data Type Value/Example
Stop Describes the stops encountered on the route. Complex
LMiles Miles spent on the leg of a route double 0.0
InterSt double 0.0
InterstNoRamp double 0.0
Divide double 0.0
Prime double 0.0
Second double 0.0
Ferry double 0.0
Ramp double 0.0
Local double 0.0
Toll double 0.0
Energy double 0.0