There are several different location resources. The main locations resource supports both geocoding and reverse geocoding. Geocoding allows you to find the coordinates as well as address information for a given street address. Reverse geocoding instead takes in a pair of coordinates and returns the approximate address on which that point is located. locations/address/batch, locations/reverse/batch are batch resources allowing you to geocode or reverse geocode a set of addresses or coordinates respectively.

Location Request Parameters

Data Element Description Data Type Value/Example
Geocoding street The house number and street name string 1 Independence Way
city The name of the city string Princeton
state The two letter state abbreviation string NJ
postcode The postal code or zip string 08540
searchString Allows searching of [zip] [city,] [state][; street] or [splc] all on one line. Individual street/city/state/postcode/splc fields will be ignored when this is used. If street address is supplied it requires a zip and/or city and must be prefaced by a semicolon. string 08540 Princeton, NJ; 457 N Harrison St or 08540 or Princeton
postcodeFilter The postal code filter; use this to filter zip codes by country string US to indicate US zip codes only
Mexico to indicate Mexican postal codes only
Both to indicate both
citySearchFilter The city search filter; use this to filter pure city search. Overridden if address is provided. Enum Set to 0 to return cities and corresponding zips (default);
Set to 1 to return city centers only (no zips).
splc The Standard Point Location code to use in place of street/city/state/zip String
list The number of matches to show if geocoding results in a less than perfect match. string
Reverse Geocoding lnglat Contains geographic coordinates used in reverse geocoding. The coordinates are represented by a comma separated pair of floating point numbers representing longitude and latitude respectively. Double Array -76.12345,42.12345
matchNamedRoadsOnly When looking up coordinates, force reverse geocoding to match named roads only Boolean
maxCleanupMiles When looking up coordinates, this sets maximum radius in which to find the closest matching road Double
includePostedSpeedLimit For users licensed with speed limit, this parameter will include posted speed limit in the response. Boolean
heading Speed limit may differ based on direction. Used with includePostedSpeedLimit to increase accuracy of getting the correct speed limit. Double 0 - North
90 - East
180 - South
270 - East
includeLinkInfo Unique link identifiers when supplied true. Boolean
speedLimitPref Preferred speed limit source. String Default
Premium (NA only)
Navteq (Outside NA)
LinkBased (NA only)
timestamp The time (UTC assumed if none specified) at the location which will be used to determine whether daylight savings time will be applied on the output time zone. String 2008-05-01T07:34:42-5:00 or 2008-05-01 7:34 AM
countryAbbrevType The abbreviation format for countries. Enum FIPS
region The data region in which the address or coordinates lie. Enum 0 - Unknown
1 - AF
2 - AS
3 - EU
4 - NA(default)
5 - OC
6 - SA
7 - ME
dataset For users licensed for multiple regional datasets. Enum PCM_EU