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The Only Mapping Platform with Commercial Vehicle Routing

Consumer mapping is not meant for commercial vehicles. With varying restrictions based on height, weight, and load, it’s vital to plan routes that keep your assets safe. ALK Maps‘ routing engine includes the transportation industry standard PC*MILER truck-specific routing and mileage.

Enhance ALK Maps with Consistent In-Vehicle Routing and Navigation

ALK Maps CoPilot

Get consistent mapping, routes, and results by using ALK‘s single source of map data in the back office and on the drivers‘ device.

Empower Your Fleet

Map Data

Our web mapping applications provide global coverage through a combination of data owned and maintained by ALK and data licensed from our premier partners around the world.

For over 35 years ALK Technologies’ team of GIS and mapping specialists have built and maintained a premium-quality, street-level digital map of the North American road network.

Our suite of transportation solutions offer the most comprehensive set of commercial truck restrictions in North America. It’s what defines us as the trusted industry standard for safe, accurate and reliable routing, mileage, mapping and navigation.

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