Weather Alerts Layer Example

This example demonstrates the use of the ALKMaps.Layer.WeatherAlerts layer, and how you can display popups with detailed alert information when an alert is clicked. This example also shows how you can customize both the default ALKMaps.Control.WeatherAlertLegend and ALKMaps.Control.WeatherAlertOption controls using external divs and custom css classes.

In order to display the Weather Alert information popups, you will need to use a ALKMaps.Control.FeatureEvent control to handle click events on the Weather Alert polygons. Once activated a ALKMaps.Control.SelectFeature or ALKMaps.Control.FeatureEvent control, will override any other event handling on the area of the map covered by features on the specified layer. This will prevent you from doing things such as panning if your mouse is located over one of these features. In order to handle this, you can temporarily deactivate the control. In this example we use the checkbox at the bottom of the page to demonstrate this functionality.

Toggle FeatureEvent Control